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Eric Paperth is an award-winning comedy writer and director specializing in animation. Currently, he is the Showrunner of “The Champions”, Bleacher Reports most watched show ever, with over 230 million views across multiple platforms. His creative work has also been featured on TruTV, @cartuna, @elitedaily, @barkbox, Channel 101, and in 17 film festivals.


Along with creative partner Tyler March, Eric founded "Tiny Little Cartoons". You can find their collection of strange animations on Youtube (54k subscribers) or TikTok (108K followers). Eric and Tyler have written and produced cartoons for FOX’s AOK channel, as well as Cartuna and Turner Ignite. Their film "ROCKS! The Musical" has won multiple awards and their shows "Wednesday Morning Cartoons" and "Fit N Funky" have been featured on Channel 101 Prime Time. After the success of these shows, Channel 101 commissioned them to make their new official theme song and intro video, which now plays at the beginning of their monthly screenings in Los Angeles.

Eric previously served as the Writers Assistant for "(Impractical) Jokers" where he helped some of the greatest minds in comedy come up with new, fun, and exciting ways to torture four grown men on television. Speaking of Jokers, he also created and sold an "(Impractical) Jokers" spin-off web series titled "Look Who’s Joking" for Joe Gatto’s Cannoli Productions which can be found on Tru TV Digital.


As a video producer, Eric has created content for Elite Daily, BarkBox, Turner Ignite, Jersey Shore University Medical Center (curveball!), and other clients. He has served as a production coordinator for commercials, TV shows, and several feature films including "I Smile Back" starring Sarah Silverman and "Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List" starring Victoria Justice.


You should totally send him an email to say hi! He would love to hear fro you!

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